The mystic culture of Morocco is rich with stories of sage men and women who use everything nature has to offer to enrich their lives and the lives of people around them. Morocco is a land rich with unique and amazing flora, And people used these natural treasures for centuries to reveal their true beauty. Argan, Barbary Fig, and Ghassoul are but some of the bounties of nature that are plentiful in Morocco and are used by Moroccans everywhere.

L'OR DU MAROC brings to you the purest and most sustainable Argan Oil right from its source in the hilly southern region of Sous, Morocco made the same way these wonderful people have pressed and made this oil for thousands of years. Not only that, we are proud to provide you with an oil that is pressed, bottled, and packed right in the heart of Morocco.

Each purchase of L'OR DU MAROC product helps sustain and enrich the way of life of the hard-working women of the Moroccan Atlas tribes.